­čî╝Sims in Bloom: A Sims 4 Legacy Challenge­čî╝

Sims in Bloom: A Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, YouTube

Can I play eleven generations of Sims? Well, that’s what we are going to discover over the next months in my YouTube Series.

Update: I’m sharing my stories here.

I thought I’d add my thoughts and comments and events that didn’t make it to the videos here. Just because I get lost in my own Sim-thoughts that way. I’m thinking about sharing a few screenshots on my Tumblr, maybe even Instagram, and I’ll link them here. While I appreciate the gorgeous editing, reshades, and poses used by others, I just do “raw” stuff. Not the best Insta, but, as a recovering perfectionist, I’ve learned to let it go.

To find out about the challenge, check out It’s a Sims Life for Me’s Tumblr.

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