San Sequoia


The Greater San Sequoia area surrounds the bustling city just west of San Myshuno. San Sequoia began as a small fishing town, then became a hub of the fishing and canning industry due to the influence of local fisherman-turned-entrepreneur, Bayani Robles. The Robles family is still very much entrenched in the area even as it has expanded over time thanks to Gilbert Gilberts. Today, San Sequoia is home to cozy streets, a beautiful park with gardens, and quiet suburban neighborhoods. It’s the perfect place to raise a family!

Hopewell Hills

Hopewell Hills is a cozy spot away from the hustle and bustle of town. The perfect place for anyone who wants, well, space! If the suburbs are your idea of paradise, you’ve found it here in this quiet neighborhood. Discover the neighborhood here!

Gilbert Gardens

Gilbert Gardens’ gorgeous park was once owned by Gilbert Gilberts, a land developer who helped establish the area. Now, it’s the perfect locale for family trips to the gardens. Where, amongst other activities, Sims can take a walk on one of the three scenic lake walking paths or visit the community’s Splash Pad play area. Whalebert is hoping to see you soon! Stroll through the neighborhood here!

Anchorpoint Wharf

Once the center of a bustling fishing and canning industry, Anchorpoint Wharf is known now as a vibrant area downtown featuring a movie theater, parklets, and more. There’s plenty to keep all ages entertained. Explore the neighborhood here!


I’m undertaking a rather ambitious project: creating my own Townies for San Sequoia. The world seems a bit empty to me, and so I will be creating households, ranging from multi-generational to single Sims without any CC. They’ll have skills, careers, relationships, etc. When I’ve finished a household, I’ll mark an *. They’ll be uploaded to The Gallery, but I’ll also have a link available to download (Google Drive).

Alameda Household
Atherton Household
Belmont Household
Benecia Household
Brentwood Household
Campbell Household
Chandra Household
Chang Household
Cupertino Household
Dublin Household
Hayward Household
Huang Household
Jai Household
Kapoor Household
Kumar Household
Li Household
Lin Household
*Lopez-Vallejo Family Here
Madera Household
Martinez Household
Mehta Household
Nakamra Household
Oakley Household
Petaluma Household
Portola Household
Sata Household
Shan Household
Sonoma Household
Tanaka Household
*Tipton-Cortes Family
Yamamoto Household



This desert town has gone through many changes, and after the “near cataclysmic event,” much of it needed to be rebuilt. Once home to only indigenous Sims, others were attracted to the beautiful landscape with its red rocks, enormous blue skies, and the desert air. According to the locals, Gregory Landgraab was one of those who saw potential in development and convinced both the indigenous population and SimNation’s leaders to include what is now known as StrangerVille into SimNation. By this point, it was nearly impossible to find a family tree that did not include both indigenous and immigrant in its branches, although a sizeable population still remains on original land north of town not part of SimNation and has little contact with anyone outside their world.

Route Simsty-Six connects StrangerVille with Oasis Springs and was once a busy route. Now that most Sims use the SRTS, the Old Route Simsty-Six is littered with abandoned motels, gas stations, and flop houses. The Plaza area is still under reconstruction after the “near cataclysmic event,” but townsfolk are hopeful it will be restored to its hey day. Someday.

Take a tour of StrangerVille Plaza and Shady Acres as you visit the different lots in this interesting community in the videos below. Even though the residents will tell visitors everything is “back to normal,” life is still a little strange in StrangerVille!

The Adventures of Ned Whalen


I have a soft spot in my heart for Ned. Remember him from the early Sims 4 trailers? Poor Ned. Or is he? Follow my favorite cowplant loving nerd in these two series, both on YouTube and Shelli’s Sims, as well as in Shelli’s Worlds.

Ned Whalen and the Mystery of StrangerVille

Sul sul! Ned Whalen has led an interesting life in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. However, recent events have him considering selling his Willow Creek home and moving to a rural desert town. In this machinima-style series, we’ll follow Ned on his adventures, from “Cowplant Love” to the mystery that awaits him in StrangerVille. You can also follow Ned’s adventures on Shelli’s Sims: “Ned Whalen and the Mystery of StrangerVille” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 that corresponds to the video series.

Return to the Jungle

Ned Whalen, cow plant lover, exo-botanist, and Hero of StrangerVille is recruited for a top secret mission in this series, based on Sim Doughnut’s challenge. Already a man of many talents, will Ned become a man of mystery as well? Read “Return to the Jungle,” a five-part series that corresponds to the video series.

The World Adventures of Katharine Meehan

Current Household, Updates & News

My Current Household

No, she’s not a premade Sim. Katharine is from a household I played years ago. Her parents, Bryant and Carla live at 888 Spire Apartments in Uptown, San Myshuno. They were random Sims generated by the game. Bryant was in the business career and Carla in the arts. They both worked long hours, and I played from Katharine’s point of view as soon as she became a toddler. Good thing the family had enough money to hire a nanny and a butler and Katharine had the “independent” trait because, to be honest, neither Carla nor Bryant were great parents.

Carla had an affair with the butler when Katharine was a child (I was shocked and didn’t realize that sort of thing happened with MCC Command Center). I don’t think Bryant ever found out. At the time, I was wanting Katharine to become a Super Sim, so I was completely focused on her. Somehow, though, Carla and Bryant rose to the tops of their careers. They also enjoyed a few too many quick meals and hitting the juice and even though there was a lovely swimming pool, they avoided it, packing on the pounds. Katharine saw the effects of rich food, too much juice, and no exercise and decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

When Katharine aged up to a young adult, she’d already maxxed so many skills and even a couple of aspirations. I chose the Curator aspiration and set about helping her collect all those things. So many things. She’d completed the City Native aspiration and already had a nice collection going. I was rotating among the Nature Aspirations, and she had a good start on Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, and had completed the Outdoor Enthusiast (despite her protestations, I made her stay at the Hermit’s until she finished it and had made great progress on Angling/Botanist). Returning from Granite Falls with bulging pockets and parents who were ready to be empty-nesters, I moved Katharine into a nice apartment, set up a collection room and she went about achieving her goals. And then some glitch happened. I think it was that “apartment glitch” way back when. At any rate, all of her collected items were gone. Poof! I was frustrated, moved her back into her parents’ household and sent the Meehan family to Shelli’s Stasis.

Now, after spending the past few years working on curating the worlds to be my worlds, I’m temporarily finished. I like the pre-made households to be backdrops, but I don’t particularly enjoy playing them. I like having aging off or really long lifespans (think Sims 3 Epic level). I am enjoying the Sims in Bloom Legacy Challenge, but after redoing all the lots, I realized that it would be fun not to deal with rags to riches, etc., but instead take advantage of all the activities, festivals, vacation worlds. I dabbled with the PlantSim and Frog Lover challenges and realized I’d forgotten about so much when I’d had a narrow focus, was building, or taking hiatus and playing Sims 3. Honestly, I wanted some Sims 3 style gameplay in my Sims 4 game, and so I researched mods when I started the Sims in Bloom. I now had a collection of world-expanding mods but not really needed for a Legacy challenge. I had Shelli’s Worlds 2022 (sort of) ready and definitely waiting. But what household?

The Meehan family came to mind. I brought them out of stasis and rewarded them with riches beyond imagination. Katharine “attended” university; mom and dad received honorary degrees. I started her in her last term and tried out the Inner Peace aspiration. Perfect for her! She completed the new Spa Day aspiration, graduated from University, and is now working on Seasoned Traveler, from the SimNation Travel Mod. I’ve been having so much fun exploring the worlds through the Seasoned Traveler aspiration by ADeepIndigo. My game has so many mods in it that are enhancing my game play. One unexpected consequence was that Carla became pregnant. Bryant was not at all happy. I quickly cheated up little baby Amelia through baby-toddler-childhood because I’d already dealt with their (lack of) parenting. Surprisingly, though, Katharine has really good relationships with them. Must have happened at end of her teen years. Amelia and Bryant have a bit of a rocky relationship, but I think he’s really trying. I’m also playing with Basemental (recommended by ???) so their juice-imbibing has consequences. So far, they’re not hitting that juice (I removed the Globe Bar, too tempting). I’m really enjoying the richness that all the mods are lending my gameplay.

I’ve shared a bit of her adventures as she’s moved into her new place (on Twitter thread) and will be editing and uploading to YouTube in the next bit.

If you’ve read this far, thanks! I’d be interested in hearing if you ever bring back formerly-played households and if you have any favorite gameplay/game-enhancing mods.

The Meehan Family Tree is here. (It’s a WIP.)

Ring Ring!

Updates & News
Callia Maeybey

A few days ago, Simstagram and Sims Twitter were ablaze with this “terrifying” Sim who was splashed all over our new Sims 4 homepages. Sure, I’d seen her. I figured they’d just changed the hair color and given a new outfit to Jordan, one of the Sims featured in the City Living trailers and available on the Gallery (Jordan and Jared). Nope. They’d just taken poor Jordan, cloned her, and given her clone the punny name, “Callia Maeybey.” Now, after giving makeovers to nearly every pre-made Sim over the past six years, I immediately recognized that wide-eyed expression and her body type.

Have You Tried the Curry Wurst?

Updates & News

I enjoy a good currywurst with a Wutaheftabir, do you? When I watched the trailer, I really enjoyed the Welcome to Windenburg song, and when I saw the world, I was enthralled. Windenburg is such a large and gorgeous world with so much backstory. It is probably my favorite world in The Sims 4 with its blend of ruins, old-world feel, modern architecture, countryside, and a cars-free island.

After playing with the Get Together features for a couple of months, I decided to write down my history of Windenburg. I wrote down all of the object descriptions, cross-referenced with previous Sims games and lore, and created my own world history/lore. Unfortunately, the document disappeared from my hard drive. I was quite upset and a little more than frustrated.

Happily, as I was going though three-ring binders a couple of years later, I discovered I had indeed printed out a hard copy of all my research that had been put into a history booklet and a visitor’s guide–the lots I had renovated and households played were based on this “lore.”

So now, five years later, I have decided to share it after retyping it and updating with the new neighborhood descriptions (I still prefer the neighborhood name of Old Town to Olde Platz–why?). It’s not completely finished, but I’ll add more pictures as I find my screenshots.

I hope you enjoy the history, mystery, and the way I have incorporated object descriptions and households into my world: Welcome to Windenburg!

Kat Jenkins

2018 Sims
2018 Sims

Quirky, creative, and a hopeless romantic, Kat is a sweetheart with a history degree from Foxbury Institute working in the influencer career at Smogue, Inc. Her dark secret: Kat’s obsessed with dinosaurs and other buried secrets. While part of her would like to give up fashion and pursue archaeology, it’s a little out of her comfort zone. For now, she’s content to collect as many dino-curios and fossils as she can and display them around the house. Will she meet her dino-loving soulmate?