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Callia Maeybey

A few days ago, Simstagram and Sims Twitter were ablaze with this “terrifying” Sim who was splashed all over our new Sims 4 homepages. Sure, I’d seen her. I figured they’d just changed the hair color and given a new outfit to Jordan, one of the Sims featured in the City Living trailers and available on the Gallery (Jordan and Jared). Nope. They’d just taken poor Jordan, cloned her, and given her clone the punny name, “Callia Maeybey.” Now, after giving makeovers to nearly every pre-made Sim over the past six years, I immediately recognized that wide-eyed expression and her body type.

Happily, Callia Maeybey now has a backstory consistent with the Jordan and Jared household, a career that fits her personality traits/aspiration, and is now part of Shelli’s Worlds canon. I’ve updated my Shelli’s Worlds 2022 save file to include her as well. For a quick overview, check out my YouTube video, Look Familiar? Ring Ring Sim. Let me know what you think!

“Jordan & Jared & Callia” are available on The Gallery. You’ll have to check “custom content” because I use Luumia’s Default Vanilla Skin and Body Hair v5 as well as Kijiko’s 3D Lashes and Remove EA Lashes.

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