Have You Tried the Curry Wurst?

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I enjoy a good currywurst with a Wutaheftabir, do you? When I watched the trailer, I really enjoyed the Welcome to Windenburg song, and when I saw the world, I was enthralled. Windenburg is such a large and gorgeous world with so much backstory. It is probably my favorite world in The Sims 4 with its blend of ruins, old-world feel, modern architecture, countryside, and a cars-free island.

After playing with the Get Together features for a couple of months, I decided to write down my history of Windenburg. I wrote down all of the object descriptions, cross-referenced with previous Sims games and lore, and created my own world history/lore. Unfortunately, the document disappeared from my hard drive. I was quite upset and a little more than frustrated.

Happily, as I was going though three-ring binders a couple of years later, I discovered I had indeed printed out a hard copy of all my research that had been put into a history booklet and a visitor’s guide–the lots I had renovated and households played were based on this “lore.”

So now, five years later, I have decided to share it after retyping it and updating with the new neighborhood descriptions (I still prefer the neighborhood name of Old Town to Olde Platz–why?). It’s not completely finished, but I’ll add more pictures as I find my screenshots.

I hope you enjoy the history, mystery, and the way I have incorporated object descriptions and households into my world: Welcome to Windenburg!

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