Kat Jenkins

2018 Sims
2018 Sims

Quirky, creative, and a hopeless romantic, Kat is a sweetheart with a history degree from Foxbury Institute working in the influencer career at Smogue, Inc. Her dark secret: Kat’s obsessed with dinosaurs and other buried secrets. While part of her would like to give up fashion and pursue archaeology, it’s a little out of her comfort zone. For now, she’s content to collect as many dino-curios and fossils as she can and display them around the house. Will she meet her dino-loving soulmate?

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Sometimes you have to pursue your passion.

Even if nobody else knows about it.

Kat Jenkins

Aspiration Archaeology Scholar (Trowel Technician)
Traits Quick Learner, Romantic, Loves Outdoors, Creative
Education History Degree from Foxbury Institute
Likes Colors: purple, black, green;
Music: Latin Pop and Latin;
Hobbies: Cooking, Fitness, Handiness, Photography, Writing;
Decor: Mission Decor
Career Culture Columnist (5), Style Influencer at Smogue, Inc.

Kat grew up in the shadow of a giant metal dinosaur and was often found daydreaming that she was a famous archaeologist, digging up her plastic toys in her family’s small Parched Prospect backyard. She enrolled in Foxbury and earned a history degree but discovered it wouldn’t get her too far since she barely graduated. When her application for Style Influencer with Smogue, Inc., was accepted, Kat embarked on a “real” career. While she enjoys applying her love of photography and interest in fashion, she’s never forgotten her interest in digging up things. She still does that now–no longer in the backyard but at night under cover of darkness in the hills of hometown Oasis Springs. Now that Kat has earned three vacation days and a bonus, she’s planning to fulfill her lifelong dream of traveling to Selvadorada on an archaeology expedition. Will her expectations meet reality? And will she be able to concentrate with the handsome guide nearby?

Custom Content & Mods
Luumia SmoothishII Female Default Skin
Aveira Felicity Default Eyes
Kijiko Eyelash v. 2
Kijiko No EA Lashes
PYXIS EA Teeth Begone
AH00B Hairs (from the updated download folder)

Gallery Pose “Grace” by Sakuraleon

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