My Households

Meet My Households

Maxi’s has created hundreds of returning and new Sims since 2014. I’ve been giving them makeovers since around 2016. I’d like to introduce you to the households in my worlds, both “resident” and “neighbor” Sims as well as those you’ll see walking around (technically “homeless”) who live in those houses and buildings you see off in the distance or around the playable lots. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to download many of the households shown in the trailers, but I’ve downloaded as many as possible and even re-created a few based on the trailers and cover art.

I’ll be adding my households (in no particular order). To find them more easily, I’ve organized organized them by DLC pack/game update and/or by world.

Base Game Sims

The OG Sims (2014, Updated in 2018)

2018 Sims

DLC and Game Update Sims

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