This desert town has gone through many changes, and after the “near cataclysmic event,” much of it needed to be rebuilt. Once home to only indigenous Sims, others were attracted to the beautiful landscape with its red rocks, enormous blue skies, and the desert air. According to the locals, Gregory Landgraab was one of those who saw potential in development and convinced both the indigenous population and SimNation’s leaders to include what is now known as StrangerVille into SimNation. By this point, it was nearly impossible to find a family tree that did not include both indigenous and immigrant in its branches, although a sizeable population still remains on original land north of town not part of SimNation and has little contact with anyone outside their world.

Route Simsty-Six connects StrangerVille with Oasis Springs and was once a busy route. Now that most Sims use the SRTS, the Old Route Simsty-Six is littered with abandoned motels, gas stations, and flop houses. The Plaza area is still under reconstruction after the “near cataclysmic event,” but townsfolk are hopeful it will be restored to its hey day. Someday.

Take a tour of StrangerVille Plaza and Shady Acres as you visit the different lots in this interesting community in the videos below. Even though the residents will tell visitors everything is “back to normal,” life is still a little strange in StrangerVille!

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